Another whopper of a tale…

Another whopper of a tale...We’ve all heard the stories…… The one about how Mrs X was awarded 80% of all marital assets and what amounts to 75% of all her husband’s income for the next 25 years in the divorce settlement while he struggles on in abject poverty, or the one about Mrs Y who was cheated by her husband’s no-good barrister who lied in court about his assets and so ended up with nothing while he retired to the Bahamas with his 22 year old bimbo.


I wonder though if you’ve head the one about the couple who were so angry at each other that they never thought in a million years they would be able to agree anything at all – but who then used mediation to work out how to best separate their finances in a way they both thought was fair. What’s more, they then went even further and worked out a plan for remaining positive parents to their 3 young children in a way that ensured their kids didn’t grow up on a one parent family?


At New Landscape Mediation, our mediators have been creating that particular story on a daily basis for years. Unless there are significant issues of financial misconduct, domestic violence or child protection issues, there is a strong possibility that we can help you find just such a solution as well.

Mediation will help you set aside any bad feelings you may have towards each other and then help you navigate the complexities of creating two new life landscapes to go forward from. It is not necessary for you to be friends following this process, nor even to like each other in future. However, if you want to ensure that:

  • The outcome you reach is one that you both have a solid say in
  • Neither of you will be able to claim conquest over the other
  • Neither of you will be a victim of a process you cannot control
  • Your children will not lose a parent just because you’ve lost a partner


Then you may well find that family mediation is the right solution for you. Our professional mediators will work with you directly and assist you through the complexities of arriving at a solution for your family that will stand the tests of time and can be made into a completely binding legal agreement at a fraction of the cost of traditional legal methods.


At New Landscape Mediation, we pride ourselves in developing bespoke solutions for each individual family we assist. If you, or somebody you care about is separating or divorcing, please contact us on 01279 211657 for a free, no obligation conversation about how mediation can help you.

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