Break away from the buzzwords

Break away from the buzzwordsA straight forward solution in straight talking: Mediation.


The latest buzzword in family law to describe a straight forward method of resolving many of the practical issues stemming from the breakdown of a relationship. But what exactly does it actually mean and how can it provide help for those in the middle of this very painful experience?


In the most simple of terms, the practical factors surrounding a divorce or separation can be broken down into 3 discreet issues:


  • The actual divorce itself (applying to the Court to dissolve the marital contract)
  • Working out a workable financial settlement you both can live with
  • Developing a sustainable co-parenting ethos and practical plan to go forward with that will allow your children to continue to grow and flourish despite the breakdown of their parent’s marriage


As to the divorce itself, whilst it is certainly easier than ever before for people to do this by themselves online via the website, for most couples, filing the paperwork through the courts to affect a divorce is probably best handled by a solicitor.


Finding a personalised solution to your finances and parenting however is not always best done by a solicitor or through the courts. More and more, people are taking charge of their own solutions in regards to finances and the children. The growing wariness of high legal fees and potential loss of control makes turning over your future to the legal community a rather unattractive option for most people.


This is where mediation comes in. For couples who are separating or divorcing, the main benefit of using the expertise of a professional mediator find a way through the process is in the deeply personal solution designed around your family’s needs, in a way that can cost less than a 10th of the traditional legal route within a fraction of the time.


Our professional mediators will work with you directly and assist you through the complexities of arriving at a solution for your family that will stand the tests of time and can be made into a completely binding legal agreement at a fraction of the cost of traditional legal methods.


At New Landscape Mediation, we pride ourselves in developing bespoke solutions for each individual family we assist. If you, or somebody you care about is separating or divorcing, please contact us on 01279 211657 for a free, no obligation conversation about how mediation can help you.

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