3 things about divorce mediation people want to know most (but also don’t know who to ask)

3 things about divorce mediation people want to know mostWe often get asked to describe the top 3 things people want to know about divorce mediation. Whilst that is difficult to properly in a short blog post like this, we’ll do our best. First and foremost, people want to know:

  1. What is mediation exactly?
  2. Is divorce mediation fair?
  3. Can divorce mediation help us develop parenting plans for the future?

What is mediation exactly? Answer: Divorce mediation is a process that assists separating or divorcing couples find a fair, sensible and above all workable, solution to the multitude of financial and parenting issues that arise when separation becomes the only option left. In divorce mediation this is achieved by a series of meetings – the first of which are held with you each individually, and the rest held with you both together wherever possible. During the course of these meetings your mediator will lead you both through a process that will enable you to reach a full settlment solution that can be made into a binding court order when you are ready to finalise your divorce.

Is divorce mediation fair? Answer: In a word, Yes. Within the top 3 things about divorce mediation people want to know, this is the question that most often people worry about. One of you may be worried that the other will dominate the process or charm the mediator into his or her way of thinking. This is where a strong and highly skilled mediation team helps the most. We will lead you through the legal maze to enable you to separate or divorce with a fair, and mutually acceptable proposal that you can both be content with.

Can divorce mediation help us develp parenting plans for the future? Answer: Yes, absolutely. Separation and the breakdown of a family unit is a deeply personal issue for which the Courts are not always the best place to find a solution. In working out what is mediation going to help you and your family achieve, we will place the welfare of your children at the top of the list. Having done so, we will then work closely with you both as parents – not just as another divorceing couple – to help you share in looking after the best interests of your children long after the divorce is finalised.

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