What is better: A bad marriage or a good divorce?

what is better a bad marraige or a good divorceWhat is better: A bad marriage, or a good divorce? This is a question that people have been asking quietly of their friends and trusted advisors for many, many years. “Let’s stay together for the sake of the kids” is the usual outcome for those who decide to continue to plod on, year after year in an unfulfilling relationship. Keeping children safe from an acrimonious divorce is indeed a goal worthy of striving for. But does that mean that staying together at all costs, is really the only alternative?

All of us know at least one adult friend who is a survivor of a messy divorce, and who blame the way their parents handled that portion of their lives for much of their own later unhappiness. More recently it is becoming equally as easy to find young adults who are actually happy that their parents have ended their marriage because they chose to manage their separation by utilising divorce mediation instead of leaving it all to the court system to decide for them.

When working out for you, what is better: a bad marriage or a good divorce, and the best way of keeping children safe from the fall out of a messy and protracted divorce remember, there is an alternative. Divorce mediation with New Landscape Mediation in Essex provides just that- an alternative to both the pain of remaining together despite your mutual unhappiness, as well as ending things in an ugly, painful and drawn out process. We understand that the end of a relationship is a painful event for all concerned, even in those situations where you both recognise the appropriateness of calling it a day. We also recognise that there will be some very real, and often difficult practical issues to resolve regarding finances and the future co-parenting of your children.

Divorce mediation can provide you both with an inexpensive solution to resolving these issues and help you devise a sensible, and lasting solution that can be made into a binding court order. If you would like more information about divorce mediation and keeping your children safe during this time, please call our offices on 01279 211657 for a fully confidential, no obligation discussions of your needs.

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