Beating the court system in a divorce

Beating the court system in a divorceBeating the court system in a divorce… is it possible? In a word: Yes. And beating the court system in a divorce is not some hidden secret open only to the rich and famous, it is here for everybody. And that secret is this:

                Don’t go to court in the first place!

It is not at all unusual for couples going through divorce for one party to not trust the other fully. There may be fears about hidden assets or somebody not keeping their word about a particular aspect of a divorce settlement. For this reason, it is often believed that a judge will offer some sort of last word in fairness or justice. This, sadly just isn’t the case.

The family Court system isn’t interested in justice in that sense. The judge does not care that you feel aggrieved, that all these years you’ve looked after your partner or that they haven’t appreciated you. The Court doesn’t care if one or other of you has had an affair, or that they don’t keep their promises. In the UK, the family court is only interested in splitting your assets in a way that will enable you both to meet your stated (and verifiable) needs. You can certainly rely on the court to provide a legally binding divorce settlement, but in general you’ll each spend a minimum of £10,000 (usually much more) and 2 years of your life to get there.

Fortunately, there is a solution. New Landscape Mediation on the Herts/Essex border and in London has helped hundreds of couples reach a fair, sensible and workable legally binding divorce settlement solution for a fraction of the cost (usually less than £1,500 per person) and in most cases within 8 weeks of beginning. If beating the court system in a divorce is important to you, please telephone our offices on 01279 211 657 for a free, no obligation discussion of your needs.

Johnathan Pease

Johnathan Pease

Johnathan Pease has been successfully helping struggling families for well over 20 years but it is his love of music and a deep personal connection with those in his life that provides the inspiration for his way of working.This on-going desire for personal connection also clearly shows in his writing where he strives for a simple and easily-understandable style in everything he writes. Watch this space for forthcoming books and a collection of informative blogs.
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