DIY divorce – what you need to know and the tools to use

DIY divorce – what you need to know and the tools to useDIY divorce – what you need to know and the tools to use.  If you are reading this, it is likely that you are contemplating divorce this year.

You may feel you have reached a crossroads, not only emotionally, but practically.  You might be stood there, with a number of signs ahead but with no real clue which path to take. Does that sound familiar? If it does, you’re not alone. Please read on…

Lots of divorcing couples are put off going down a ‘legal route’ and engaging lawyers for fear of massive costs. They simply cannot afford it…The internet is steeped with information about DIY divorces, quick and cheap fixes to ending your marriage.  But which way should you go?

Even those who can afford it are opting for a quick online no fuss divorce  – only recently we have read about Gary Lineker seeking a straight forward divorce at low cost.  DIY is easy isn’t it? Well maybe sometimes –  But anything which seems too easy should come with a bit of a health warning…

Here at New Landscape Mediation we have produced a series of self-help blogs intended to give you a bit of information as you go. Whether you are thinking of getting divorced, ready to start a divorce or in the midst of a divorce – our helpful blogs can make the pathway forward clearer and more manageable.

To find out about the mechanics of a divorce, what it is, how to achieve one and what to expect along the way – have a look at our blog series:  ‘Understanding divorce’.

Did you know that with the help of a family mediator you can sort out a financial settlement which you both feel works and is fair, together with working towards a parenting plan to serve the needs of your separating family – to everyone’s advantage.

Our accredited family mediators will take you through a step by step process, especially tailored to meet both your individual needs and those of the entire family, so that you can move into your future lives with the least disruption possible and remain the best parents possible for your children.

Take a look at our blog posts that will guide you through:

Carolyn Hanes

Carolyn Hanes

At first glance Carolyn Hanes appears the archetypal legal professional. Beyond her many qualifications and years of experience in Family Law however lies the heart of a classical musician and poet. Originally from the Lake District, Carolyn’s love of nature vies constantly with music in her soul for top place, and best passion. Her working life over the years has been dedicated to finding a better way to help families in transition.
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