Finding the right divorce professional

Finding the right divorce professionalFinding the right divorce professional to help steer you safely through the difficult waters of post separation finances and children’s issues is easier than it first appears. The Family Mediation Council accredited mediator scheme allows you to feel confident that the Family Mediation Service you contact has a well-trained and vetted professional team to help you.

At New Landscape Mediation, our Family Mediation Council accredited mediators are here to help you. Whether we meet with you at our main offices near Stansted airport on the Herts/Essex border, or our central London location conveniently located within the law offices of Stafford Young Jones Solicitors near monument station, our accredited mediators can work with you to achieve a financial settlement and parenting plan for your family that is right for your needs.

Offering a bespoke service that meets the needs of each individual family we work with drives us to ensure that our mediators are not only Family Mediation Council accredited, but strive continuously to keep our practice and knowledge base up to date and relevant.

If you would like more information about how the Family Mediation Council accredited mediators at New Landscape Mediation can help you in finding the right divorce professional to get you and your family through this process and out the other side with your savings, parental relationships and dignity intact, please call our offices on 01279 211 658 or a fully confidential, no-obligation discussion of your needs.

Johnathan Pease

Johnathan Pease

Johnathan Pease has been successfully helping struggling families for well over 20 years but it is his love of music and a deep personal connection with those in his life that provides the inspiration for his way of working.This on-going desire for personal connection also clearly shows in his writing where he strives for a simple and easily-understandable style in everything he writes. Watch this space for forthcoming books and a collection of informative blogs.
Johnathan Pease

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