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Meet the team at New Landscape Mediation Johnathan PeaseJohnathan Pease is the primary blog contributor here at New Landscape Mediation, and as a highly experienced family mediator, it’s not hard to see why. With over 20 years of experience working in family conflict resolution both as a mediator and Family Consultant, Johnathan has a lot of experience to share to help you benefit during your mediation or divorce.

If you’re considering divorce, read Johnathan’s helpful guide to Understanding Divorce. This is a 7-part blog series which you can find here:

Understanding Divorce Part 1: A General Overview 

Understanding Divorce Part 2: Grounds for Divorce

Understanding Divorce Part 3: The Five Facts: Adultery

Understanding Divorce Part 4: Unreasonable Behaviour

Understanding Divorce Part 5: 2 Years’ Separation

Understanding Divorce Part 6: 5 Years’ Separation

Understanding Divorce Part 7: Desertion

Did you know? A fully accredited BACP psychotherapist, Johnathan holds several qualifications with ADRg – including Direct Child Consultant (DCC). He is an accredited Civil/Commercial mediator, a member of the UK College of Mediators, and an affiliate member of Resolution.

Read more about Johnathan here on our About Page. You can also click here to read more blogs by this author.

Here’s what our clients have to say:

“Johnathan has an unique way of looking at things – a way of putting your problems into perspective.” J.B Takely

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