The ultimate in microwave society

The ultimate in microwave societyThe ultimate in microwave society is finally here, or is it? Wevorce, a start-up phone app developer from America is launching what it sees as the divorce of the future: A smart phone app that will enable you to untie the knot from anywhere in the U.S.A (as long as you have a 3g connection that is). In the interests of full and frank disclosure to you, our readers, we feel it important to issue an official opinion about this.

We at New Landscape Mediation find ourselves feeling sorrowful at this bizarre development in the high tech world. To us, people enter into this level of relationship with full belief in the commitment to marriage they are making.

Despite the recognition that for many it eventually becomes impossible to keep that initial commitment marriage, or to each other due to a relationship breaking down, we feel that people owe it to each other to take more care than that required to order a pizza when disentangling their lives from each other.

For us, the need for full and frank disclosure of finances, the need for the children to feel important and considered and the human dignity we all owe each means that to apply for divorce with a swipe up to the left says more about the person who would want to use such an app more than anything else.

If you are going through a relationship breakdown and you too feel that you owe to the memory of what you tried to build together than something that the ultimate in microwave society can provide from your IPad, call New Landscape Mediation on 01279 211657 for a free, no obligation discussion of your needs.

Johnathan Pease

Johnathan Pease

Johnathan Pease has been successfully helping struggling families for well over 20 years but it is his love of music and a deep personal connection with those in his life that provides the inspiration for his way of working.This on-going desire for personal connection also clearly shows in his writing where he strives for a simple and easily-understandable style in everything he writes. Watch this space for forthcoming books and a collection of informative blogs.
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