I can see clearly now

You imagine yourself standing there, umbrella in hand, the rain subsided. The wind has died down now and you are able to resume your walk, with the sun (rather uncannily) setting just over the horizon. The rain has gone. The skies are clear.  You’re mind is free and at peace. This is what it feels like then….a ‘normal’ life…

And for a moment that feels good. Really good in fact.

Then you realise, that you’ve drifted off, musing on how things might be when it’s all over. Here, I don’t mean, when it’s all over for good. I mean when the D word is over.

The D I V O R C E

When you are in the midst of it, (the D word that is) it can feel as though it will never be over.

Imagining a life beyond divorce just doesn’t seem possible.  Perhaps it’s just easier to have a permanent umbrella up as each day seems to bring some new shower or other..

I was speaking to a friend only the other day who is yet to start divorce proceedings in 2017 . He described with heavy heart the fear of long, drawn out, painful arguments and the fear of how much this would cost, both in financial terms and over his general health and well-being. He doubted his ability to keep working at the pace he is and be the best Dad he can be to his little boy.

He was poised on the brink of the New Year, umbrella in hand, ready to weather the proverbial storm…’There may be trouble ahead…’

Mediation can help keep those storms at bay. Nobody wants to face a year or more of extended wrangling over money and/or children,  feeling uncertain and unsettled. It’s hard enough having made the difficult decision to separate – so don’t make it harder still. Mediation helps you both face the practicalities of separation; of where you will be living, and how you will manage both your own finances and any arrangements for the children between your two homes, in a way that ensures you do not spend huge amounts of time  or money.

Mediation cannot guarantee meteorological miracles – but it can go a long way to finding you both a way to reach mutually acceptable solutions to a great many practical issues on separation in a cost effective and human way.

Our accredited family mediators at NLM can help the adjustment and help you and your separating family work out the better way to divorce.  Call our offices on 01279 211657 for a free, no obligation discussion with one of our mediators about how mediation can help your family



Carolyn Hanes

Carolyn Hanes

At first glance Carolyn Hanes appears the archetypal legal professional. Beyond her many qualifications and years of experience in Family Law however lies the heart of a classical musician and poet. Originally from the Lake District, Carolyn’s love of nature vies constantly with music in her soul for top place, and best passion. Her working life over the years has been dedicated to finding a better way to help families in transition.
Carolyn Hanes

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