Happy Valentine

Is Valentine’s Day your least favourite holiday?  Has another year gone by when the disappointment simply just piles up?  Maybe you’ve found a Valentine’s Day card, and it’s not even intended for you?

Or maybe you are thinking what could be more romantic than to say ‘I do’ on Valentine’s Day?

Data shows that from 1995 to 2013, Valentine’s Day was the ninth most popular day for a wedding and 27,000 couples have said ‘I do’ on this day in the past 19 years

But what happens when ‘I do’ leads (sadly) to ‘I don’t’?

Statistics also have said recently that couples who marry on ‘gimmicky’ days such as Valentine’s Day are more likely to see their marriage end.

What is it about love and romance that drives those choices?  And what is it about the end of that love and romance that drives the choices on how to separate? The flip side of the coin.

When relationships falter, this is the moment when we tend to crystallise our thoughts. When something comes to an end, its usually heralded by one or the other stating that they don’t love you anymore. Or they might have met someone else. These decisions are often ‘one sided’ and the decider labelled as ‘the one who ruined it’.   This of course, can be true. There are simply some behaviours that are clearly just too bad.

Most relationships end however, as a result of some unhappiness, miscommunication or just no communication, leading to one or the other wanting to ‘dance to their own tune’. The reality is that there is usually a combination of input from both.

So is it possible, if we consider that it may have been both our behaviours that led to the inevitable breakdown of our relationship = that it is possible to break up together too?

If you are contemplating saying ‘I don’t ‘ this Valentine’s , then a good place to start would be family mediation. In mediation both your needs, concerns, priorities and values are looked at so as to find both of you a way into independent lives, fairly and respectfully.

If you want to find out more as to how you can ensure your own divorce meets yours and your partner’s needs, call our offices at New Landscape Mediation and speak to one of our accredited family mediators for a no-obligation, free, fully confidential conversation on 01279 211657.

Johnathan Pease

Johnathan Pease

Johnathan Pease has been successfully helping struggling families for well over 20 years but it is his love of music and a deep personal connection with those in his life that provides the inspiration for his way of working.This on-going desire for personal connection also clearly shows in his writing where he strives for a simple and easily-understandable style in everything he writes. Watch this space for forthcoming books and a collection of informative blogs.
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