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Welcome to New Landscape Family Mediation

If you are reading this, you or someone you love is going through the very difficult process of separation or divorce. Without question this is one of the most private and difficult events we can experience, and it is no wonder that when choosing a professional to help find solutions for the many problems ahead, you want a firm with big experience who also offers a highly personalised service.

At New Landscape Mediation, family mediator Carolyn Hanes has been helping divorcing/separating couples build new lives for over 20 years. As Family Mediation Council Accredited mediators (FMCA), we will help you create stable, secure futures for yourselves and children as quickly as possible. We understand that the cost of ending a relationship is already high enough without adding the insult of having to squander your savings on lengthy and traumatic legal processes.

When calling New Landscape Mediation, you will always speak directly with the mediator you work with, right from the beginning of the process. This personal service enables us to work closely with you to design a personalised solution based on the needs of you and your family that can later be made into a legally binding agreement. Whether you need to find the fairest and most sensible way to share your finances, work to create a positive and healthy co-parenting relationship following your separation or both, we can help at minimal cost. Contact the office on 01279 211657 or request a call back for more information or to arrange a personal, no obligation meeting with a mediator.



The Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM) is your opportunity to have a private and fully confidential meeting with a professional mediator.

Children’s Arrangements

Children and Parent mediation will help you and your former partner develop a clear, workable and lasting solution to co-parenting following your separation/divorce.

Property and finance Mediation

Property and Finance mediation will help you agree a fair financial settlement designed to provide certainty and security for you both going forward.

Children and Finance

Children and Finance mediation describes mediation that allows you to reach a fair and sensible financial settlement solution as well as ensuring your children have the best possible relationship with you both following your separation — in a single, personally designed process.


Carolyn Hanes
Carolyn Hanes is an experienced family lawyer and collaborative practitioner, practising in family law since 1999. Carolyn is a member of Resolution and is a Resolution accredited specialist in children issues and finances.
Carolyn’s extensive training and practice as a mediator has led to full accreditation with the Law Society and the Family Mediation Council. In addition she is an accredited civil and commercial mediator with ADRg


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