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Happy Valentine

Is Valentine’s Day your least favourite holiday?  Has another year gone by when the disappointment simply just piles up?  Maybe you’ve found a Valentine’s Day card, and it’s not even intended for you? Or maybe you are thinking what could be more romantic than to say ‘I do’ on Valentine’s Day? Data shows that from[…]

Bah Humbug....!.

Bah Humbug

Holiday times and especially Christmas can be stressful enough even when you’re not separating or divorcing.  The routine bombardment from November onwards of decorations and good cheer can whip up a general frenzy of expectation which can be difficult to fulfil…..particularly in this modern world. During the run up to Christmas, Social media abounds with[…]

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How do we create a fair co-parenting plan?

How do we create a fair co-parenting plan? This is a question I am asked every day. While It is not possible in a short blog to go into the specific details of how this works, I am able to provide an overview. In mediation, to create a fair co-parenting plan we begin first by[…]

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Mediation, the easier, softer way?

Is mediation the easier, softer way of reaching a mutually acceptable financial settlement for your divorce? Is mediation the easier softer way of developing a co-parenting plan after you separate that ensures that the needs of your children are placed at the centre rather than the needs or fears of either parent? The answer to[…]


The penalties for breaking your marriage vow

What are the penalties for breaking your marriage vow? Well, it usually surprises people who feel that their partner has done just that, to find that in the eyes of the law, there are no penalties whatsoever. This fact causes more upset and long legal battles in what is somewhat incorrectly called “The Family Justice[…]


Its conference season again!

That’s right, its conference season again. For those who dedicate their working lives to helping divorcing couples save money, time and heartache as they progress through a very difficult time, October, November and December are the busiest months of the year. There are a number of different professional bodies to which family law workers belong,[…]


When does a relationship become adultery?

When does a relationship become adultery? I get asked this question often, in various guises. For some, adultery in marriage happens the moment you exchange a glance with another of the opposite sex whilst for others an exchange of bodily fluids is required. For this author the question of adultery in marriage needs to be[…]