Solicitor assisted mediation, can it work

Solicitor assisted mediation, can it work?

Solicitor assisted mediation, can it work? The short answer is: Yes, it most definitely can, and does. The longer answer is: Yes, but it does require some effort on the part of all professionals concerned. At New Landscape Mediation, one common concern we hear from clients is regarding the fact that plans for settlement reached[…]

low cost, central London mediation with 5 star assistance

Low cost, central London mediation (with a 5 star professional team)

Low cost central London mediation with a 5 star professional team to assist you is far easier to access than most people think. New Landscape Family Mediation offers mediation services across the Herts/Essex region as in central London with offices conveniently located within Stafford Young Jones solicitors near Monument station. There comes a time in[…]