Financial Separation without financial ruin

Financial Separation without financial ruinFinancial Separation without financial ruin isn’t a myth. It is possible to balance the books by choosing the option of a mediated divorce. Family mediation services at New Landscape Mediation provide a streamlined step by step mediation process, so that you can achieve a well thought through solution without eating into your hard earned resources. Our divorce mediation process offers a structured, focused and transparent method of helping you achieve full financial separation, but without unmanageable costs.

With Divorce mediation accredited by the Family Mediation Council, New Landscape Mediation provide a sound structure to your family mediation process. Our well-considered step by step approach has been the key to our success with countless families over the last 10 years.

Our step by step mediation process begins by helping you gather all your relevant financial information so that you know exactly what your financial picture is, and from there we are able to help you to reach a fully informed solution. This avoids the excessive cost of a protracted exchange of legal documents between solicitors. Instead, we will work diligently to keep the mediation process focussed leading you through the financial maze in a cost effective way.

To achieve financial separation without financial ruin, and to learn more about our mediation services, telephone the offices on 01279 211 657 for a free. No obligation discussion of your needs.

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