How to win in a divorceHow to win in a divorce?

It’s a question that is Googled – a lot! It is not surprising that it is really, because for most of us, at the point of separation there is often so much fear and mistrust between people (who once felt VERY differently about each other), that the idea of being able to achieve a fair divorce seems impossible. In reality, this writer believes that when people Google “How to win in a divorce?”, what they are actually doing is trying to ensure that they don’t “lose” everything to during the process. Whether this be to a spouse who seems bent on being unfair, or to high legal costs.
A fair divorce, a reasonable and sensible outcome that takes into clear consideration the future needs of every member of the family is what most people really want. But how does one go about achieving a fair divorce? What does a fair divorce even look like to a legal system so long accustomed to people fighting it out in court? It is no secret that for couples who do end up fighting things out in the courts, there is no winner other than the legal representatives of the two parties.

Fortunately, at New Landscape Family Mediation we have developed a mediation process designed to assist couples in achieving just that: A fair divorce. We have developed a step by step mediation process that is then modified slightly and personalised to the needs each and every family we work with. If a fair divorce is what you seek, then the personalised step by step mediation process offered by New Landscape Family Mediation might be worth Googling as your next search.

If you would like to learn more about achieving a fair divorce settlement and learn how to win in a divorce in a way that won’t destroy you or your family in the process, please telephone the office on 01279 211657 for a fully confidential and free, no obligation discussion of your needs and one of our mediators will talk you through our step by step mediation process.