MIAMs (Mediation Information Assessment Meetings) for dummies

MIAMs (Mediation Information Assessment Meetings) for dummiesMIAMs (Mediation Information Assessment Meetings) for dummies may sound a bit of a cheeky blog title, and I suppose it is if I’m honest. “You need to go for a MIAM” is what a great many people are told by various advisors. But just what the heck is a MIAM? Where do you find one? And: What do I get from it?

For New Landscape Mediation on the Herts/Essex border, the MIAM meeting provides you with an opportunity to meet face to face with a suitably qualified mediator. This meeting will serve several purposes. Namely an opportunity to:

  • meet with a mediator face to face and ensure that you feel comfortable with him/her on a personal level
  • give the mediator a better understanding of the situation, focusing primarily on your goals and hopes for the future
  • learn more about how mediation can help you and your family retain as much of your financial status as possible
  • learn how mediation can assist you and your former partner help your children through this process, and keep the disruption to their lives at an absolute minimum
  • learn the best method for your family to create a positive new landscape for your futures

Creating a new life landscape following a separation is already difficult enough without having to pick up pieces from the rubble of a protracted and costly court battle. The MIAM is the first step in creating a new life, without completely destroying the old one.

The cost of family breakdown is already high enough. Nobody wants to add the financial and emotional costs of endless solicitor letters and court hearings. New Landscape Mediation can assist you both in creating this new landscape in a way that will allow you to keep costs at a minimum, and retain all of your dignity at the same time.

If this little blog on MIAMs (Mediation Information Assessment Meetings) for dummies has been helpful and you would like more information about a MIAM with New Landscape Mediation, please telephone our offices on 01279 211 657 for a fully confidential, no obligation discussion of your needs.

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