Divorce may be inevitable this year, but the way you handle it isn’t

Collaborative law for divorceDivorce may be inevitable this year, but the way you handle it isn’t.  For some, 2016 will bring the sad inevitability of a divorce. The devastating impact of this life event can never be truly understood by anybody who hasn’t had the experience, but did you know that you have a number of choices about the way you and your former partner handle the process? And that these choices will have a tremendous effect on the lasting impact of this difficult period?

The decision to separate or divorce is a difficult and important one. This article is about the next most important decision for you to make: and that is how will you go about the process of your divorce.

Everybody knows of the stress and anguish caused by costly and drawn out legal battles.  Win-lose situations are the norm of traditional methods. But this very same win–lose approach limits your options and chances of real success.

It is likely you’ve never been in this situation before. It is all new to you. You are probably thinking: “Just where do I start?”

Did you know that:

  • You can divorce without hiring two lawyers to go to battle on your behalves?
  • Lawyers for opposing sides can actually work together, as a team, for the benefit of your entire family?
  • It is possible to build a new future landscape you can both live with, without breaking the bank?

What we’re talking about here is Collaborative law. A process where your lawyers promise not to fight your private arguments in court.  It is a personally tailored approach where your solicitors focus all of their efforts on reaching a solution as quickly and efficiently as possible, whilst always ensuring that your family’s needs are at the forefront of any solution reached.

Nobody wants to waste their income or savings on waging an all-out war. An approach that allows you both the best chance at minimising costs whilst calling on the expertise of the right people, working together to help you resolve matters quickly and fairly, makes much more sense in today’s cost conscious world.

My name is Carolyn Hanes. I am a Collaborative professional who would like to show you that there are choices. It may be that your divorce is inevitable, but the way its handled is something you have a great deal of control over. There is a better way to divorce.

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