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Financial disclosure made easyIn mediation, financial disclosure follows the same stringent rules and regulations as does financial disclosure conducted through solicitors. The difference is that when it is done through a Family Mediation Council accredited mediator, as you will find with New Landscape Mediation in Essex, full and joint financial disclosure can be achieved in as little as a single meeting and a fraction of the costs (assuming that you are willing to help the process along a bit).

Our belief is that few people wish to pay upwards of £300.00 an hour each (and far more if we’re talking about central London solicitors) to have someone collate documents and photocopy.

Beginning at your Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (or MIAM), your mediator will work with you to ensure that you understand precisely what is required for financial disclosure and help you to gather and collate all of the documentation yourself.

When done in this way, rather than sending various bits and pieces to your solicitor over a period of several weeks, only to then be sent across town to your former partner’s solicitor, and then the whole rigmarole that follows afterward, you can sit down with your mediator and go through things one item at a time.

In mediation, financial disclosure is done with you both together. Doing it in this way ensures that you each have a full and complete understanding of your financial picture before you attempt to have any discussions about how best to reach a fair financial settlement for your divorce.

As Family Mediation Council accredited mediators, we take great pains to ensure that the fair financial settlement you finally arrive at in mediation, which ultimately is based on the financial disclosure we will have just gone through, will stand the test of time. We want to help our clients reach solutions that stick.

All agreements regarding financial settlement, whether achieved through mediation, by your solicitors or simply by sitting around the kitchen table, must eventually be ratified by a judge before becoming legally binding. The MIAM begins that process that process of financial disclosure made easy, and a well-mediated agreement will stick with you right through to the end.

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