Bungee jumping and divorce: cut from the same cloth?

Bungee jumping and divorce: cut from the same cloth?Bungee jumping and divorce: are these activities cut from the same cloth? Most people enjoy a bit of a thrill every now and again. We find these excitements and thrills in a wide array of places, and we are each free to choose the degree of buzz and excitement we wish to experience dependent upon our own personal tastes.

Some people enjoy extreme activities like bungee jumping or bare-handed cliff climbing, and others prefer more sedate activities such as swimming in the local pool or playing crazy golf. Whatever you personally like to see registered on your “buzz-ometer”, it is unlikely you’ll want to take risks with your finances and the relationship with your children following a separation.

At New Landscape Mediation we recognise that the process of divorce is an incredibly difficult set of experiences to process. We take the professional view that right now, you’re going through enough uncertainty and stress to last you a lifetime. We believe that the last thing you’ll want be doing is adding to all that by taking risks with your life savings or the future well-being of your children.

With a Family Mediation Council Accredited (FMCA) mediator, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands as we work closely with you during each stage of the process. Getting divorced involves much more than the already difficult task of disentangling your emotional lives. In financial mediation, you’ll be able to separate your finances in a fair and workable manner, as well as develop a plan to continue to co-parent after you’re no longer together.

If you would like to take as much of the risk out of the process of getting divorced as possible, and don’t see bungee jumping and divorce as being cut from the same cloth, then New Landscape Mediation can help. With offices near Stansted Airport in Essex and London offices conveniently located within the law offices of Stafford Young Jones Solicitors, we are here to help.

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