Family dispute mediation, any volunteersFamily dispute mediation, any volunteers? Well, the truth of the matter is that anybody who takes part in family mediation is there on a voluntary basis. In fact, along with Impartiality, Confidentiality, and Legal Privilege, the voluntary nature of mediation is a core tenant of the process.

Nobody can safely discuss or negotiate matters for their future if they feel they have a gun to their head. The idea that a judge can order people into a room to work things out – even with the help of a Family Mediation Council Accredited (FMCA) mediator there to help them is ludicrous.

No, for it to work properly, in the end people need to come to the conclusion that no matter how difficult it may be to sit in the same room (or building) as their ex and work out a solution. It is going to be a better solution than one ordered by a judge or magistrate, who has no real information about you and your children other than a few bank statements and other financial documents. And, in the end, they have to make this decision off their own back and without any pressure from a spouse or other third party.

A qualified FMCA mediator has the knowledge and skills to work with couples in the most difficult of circumstance and help them reach a fair and equitable solution to these very important issues. Crucially, in mediation your FMCA mediator can take the needed time to get to know your individual needs, as well as those of your entire family. Rather than considering your children as a single unit – what is going to be best for the “kids”, — a mediator can speak with you both and gain a sense of each of your children as individuals. Mediators are there to help you consider not just your needs on a personal basis in future, but those of all of you.

FMCA mediators know that very few people really want to squander their savings on lengthy legal arguments, only to end up with their lives in the hands of a legal authority to whom they are a stranger. The process of family mediation begins by picking up the phone and speaking with your local FMCA mediator such as you’ll find at New Landscape Mediation near Stansted Airport in Essex. With additional offices in London and Cambridge, we are here to help with family dispute mediation and more.