How to save money in mediation

How to save money in mediation. It is a topic I speak with people about on a daily basis. Given the average cost of divorce that goes through the courts at £22,000 per couple according to the bots over at Aviva, how to save money in mediation is an obvious question. It starts with a recognition that for the vast majority of families in the UK, there simply isn’t going to be enough money in your joint pot to split it and have neither of you suffer some consequences. The essential gist behind most divorce court cases in the UK is that both people have this idea that their circumstances should not be affected simply because you aren’t going to be married. Where there are children involved, this can become even more entrenched.

The facts of it are however, that even if you are going to be the one who’ll be spending more time looking after the children, that doesn’t mean that you won’t have some loss of life quality after the divorce. Having the children doesn’t mean that things won’t change. At the same time, just because you are the one who is the main bread winner, this doesn’t mean that you won’t have to buckle your belt and downsize your lifestyle either.

Once we can get over the shock of and the truth of this fact, then we can begin to consider how to save money in mediation. Going to court and paying a barrister £5,000 to stand there and try and convince the judge that your lifestyle shouldn’t change, but that your former partner could, in fact be just fine if only they move to that bedsit you’ve seen on right move isn’t really going to get you anywhere.

Mediation is a process where, after going through your financial picture (in exactly the same way you would if you were going to be presenting it to the judge), you sit down with a mediator and find the middle ground. The one that sees you both sharing the downsize of post-divorce life as equally as possible. Yes, your life will downsize, but in understanding how to save money in mediation you’ll see that whilst you may have received a smaller portion of the house sale than you’d liked, you’ve saved yourself up to £20,000 in legal fees! At New Landscape mediation, the average cost of reaching a full financial settlement is approximately £1,200 per person, and that’s not a savings to sniff at.

If you would like more information on how to save money in mediation, contact New Landscape Mediation on 01279 211 657 for a fully confidential, no obligation discussion of your needs.

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