Mediation is coming of age, that is the theme of the 2017 College of Mediators National Conference. But what does this mean exactly? In this four-part series I will describe how mediators themselves are striving to make mediation a professional service that not only serves our clients well, but all of our professional colleagues as well. In part 4 of this blog, I will discuss the experience that a client of a Family Mediation Council Accredited mediator can expect.

Unlike the purchase of a holiday or a new car, any type of legal assistance, particularly in regards to getting help with your divorce, is a purchase made while under immense distress. In such a state, where feelings of fear, anger or betrayal are running rampant inside of us, it is possible to be led down paths of behaviour that we would never engage in otherwise. The greatest criticism against the profession of family law is that there are some who not only rely on their clients’ distress to enable them to increase the number of billable hours, but who also go so far as to stoke those fires and get them nice and hot. This author would never suggest that this type of practice applies to all family lawyers, or even the majority. Far from it. But it does apply to enough that the general public over time has become wary of the profession in general, and are looking for an alternative.

Those who choose a Family Mediation Council Accredited mediator can feel safe in the knowledge that not only has this practitioner gone through a highly regulated training program, but they have also completed at least two years of practice following their training and have also provided an extensive portfolio of work to the accreditation board to ensure that they have fully grasped and are applying the principles of fairness and integrity that are so much a part of this profession.

Clients can feel safe in the fact that a Family Mediation Council Accredited mediator is not biased or in favour of either you, or your ex. They are working to help you get through to the end of this process with as much of your dignity, and your life’s savings in tact as they possibly can. They are working to find the middle ground, the solution that doesn’t leave either of you destitute (though it must be said that very rarely does a couple have enough resources to enable them to create two new lives from what they have without there needing to be some lessening of standards). Mediators, if they are on anybody’s side at all, choose to fall on the side of your children. We work to ensure that they come out the other end of your divorce with two parents who are still both worthy of their love and respect. We want your children to look back at this time in their lives and say “you know, I think mum and dad handled that as best as they could. I don’t really see how they could have done it better”.

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