Conflict and the Family Business

Many of us will have close families, siblings, parents whom we see fairly regularly. Some of us will also run our own businesses.  Some of us combine the two and work with our families as part of the running of a family business. In these circumstances, the interdependence of family structure can be found weaving[…]

Mediation is coming of age – Direct Child Consultations

Mediation is coming of age, that is the theme of the 2017 College of Mediators National Conference. But what does this mean exactly? In this four-part series I will describe how mediators themselves are striving to make mediation a professional service that not only serves our clients well, but all of our professional colleagues as[…]

Happy Valentine

Is Valentine’s Day your least favourite holiday?  Has another year gone by when the disappointment simply just piles up?  Maybe you’ve found a Valentine’s Day card, and it’s not even intended for you? Or maybe you are thinking what could be more romantic than to say ‘I do’ on Valentine’s Day? Data shows that from[…]

Bah Humbug

Holiday times and especially Christmas can be stressful enough even when you’re not separating or divorcing.  The routine bombardment from November onwards of decorations and good cheer can whip up a general frenzy of expectation which can be difficult to fulfil…..particularly in this modern world. During the run up to Christmas, Social media abounds with[…]