Saving Money through Mediation

Saving money through mediation. Sounds good doesn’t it? But just how does one go about saving money through mediation? Well, actually its fairly simple. To start, contact your local Family Mediation Council Accredited (FMCA) mediator (such as you find at New Landscape Mediation), and the you’ll start saving money through mediation right from the very[…]

Mediation is coming of age – The client experience

Mediation is coming of age, that is the theme of the 2017 College of Mediators National Conference. But what does this mean exactly? In this four-part series I will describe how mediators themselves are striving to make mediation a professional service that not only serves our clients well, but all of our professional colleagues as[…]

Seven things to consider if you are thinking about divorce

7 things to consider if you are thinking about divorce  There is no such thing as an easy, pain free divorce.  Let’s face it – it would be a strange world indeed if we were to get married to someone thinking ‘one day I’ll divorce this person….’ So the majority of people are not really prepared at[…]

New beginnings

New Year – New Start

We’re only just getting over Christmas and already there are demands on us…. What are our New Year’s Resolutions going to be? To get fitter, thinner, fatter….Eat less, do less…Do more… Give up …give in…just give? Get up and go? Read more…read less…write more..? Spend more time…save more time…make more time…  Join a club.. Do[…]

baby taped to wall

How do we create a fair co-parenting plan?

How do we create a fair co-parenting plan? This is a question I am asked every day. While It is not possible in a short blog to go into the specific details of how this works, I am able to provide an overview. In mediation, to create a fair co-parenting plan we begin first by[…]


When does a relationship become adultery?

When does a relationship become adultery? I get asked this question often, in various guises. For some, adultery in marriage happens the moment you exchange a glance with another of the opposite sex whilst for others an exchange of bodily fluids is required. For this author the question of adultery in marriage needs to be[…]

Keeping Safe

Keeping mediators safe

Keeping mediators safe. What do I mean by that that exactly? Well, anybody who has ever worked with the public for any length of time will know how difficult it can sometimes be. Imagine the life of your average shop worker just before Christmas. To make it worse, imagine they’re working the late evening tills.[…]

Asking for Divorce

Should I stay, or should I go?

Should I stay, or should I go? If you are on this page, reading this blog, then there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that this is a familiar question and you’ve likely been toying with the idea of asking for a divorce – possibly for quite some time. For some, the hesitations that accompanies asking[…]