One of the great benefits our clients receive from choosing New Landscape Mediation is the fact that each family we help works directly with either Carolyn Hanes or Johnathan Pease, the two principle partners. Mediation is for separating couples who want to create a fair and workable financial settlement as well as a sensible co-parenting plan as inexpensively and swiftly as possible. Having a single, dedicated professional working with you from the start of mediation through to your final documentation ensures that our clients receive a consistent, personalised service throughout their mediation process.

Our high success rate is credited to the fact that we always devote thought and planning into developing the specific process of mediation that is right for each individual family we work with. We do this in the early stages, before leaping into joint meetings or asking couples to try and resolve any of the specific matters pertinent to their situation. This is why, before scheduling any joint discussions involving you both, we first offer each of you the opportunity to come in and speak with a mediator one to one for a pre mediation meeting, or what is formally called a MIAM.

Specifically, coming in to meet with us for a pre-mediation MIAM will:

  •  Allow you the opportunity to meet personally with a mediator to ensure that you are comfortable with us and also with the environment.
  • Allow you the space to tell us a bit more about the current situation in a fully confidential conversation
  • Allow you the time to help us understand any concerns you may have about reaching an agreement with your ex, so that we make sure as we proceed into mediation we cater for those concerns
  • Allow us to explain the options available to you in reaching an acceptable solution to the current situation.

Towards the end of this initial meeting, and certainly once we’ve had the opportunity to meet with both of you and develop a plan of action devised around your specific needs, we would be able to give you a clearer understanding of the number of meetings required and the ultimate costs for mediation in your situation.

It is worth knowing however that the average cost of mediation with New Landscape Mediation is £975.00 per person, including an outcome document detailing your final proposals for settlement. This is comparison to the average cost of divorce of £21,999 per person when conducted in a more traditional, solicitor-led process.

We call this pre-mediation meeting a MIAM because, as (FMCA) mediators, we want to make sure that should it ever become necessary for you to provide evidence to a Court or other authority that you have attempted mediation, we are able to sign the required documents to demonstrate that you have done so. Please be mindful that only a small percentage of mediators are authorised to do this on your behalf and should you contact another provider, it is worth checking that they hold FMCA status. If not, you may well find that you are suddenly required to attend a further meeting with an FMCA mediator to have your documentation signed.

If you’d like to know more, you can complete the contact form and request a call back or visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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