Property and Finance Mediation

Property and Finance Mediation with New Landscape Family Mediation in Essex revolves around the understanding that for most people, not long after the initial impact of recognition that their marriage or long term partnership is ending  – comes worries about their security and financial future. Fortunately, this is an area where working with a professional mediator can bring tremendous benefit to you both.

The worries over your financial security are very real and should not be disregarded or downplayed. Very few people will want to squander their savings on lengthy and costly legal battles and we find that an average middle income family, working with New Landscape Family Mediation to create a mutually agreeable distribution of assets saves a minimum of £5,000 each in costs when compared to more traditional, solicitor led negotiation in an effort to resolving these issues. Where the finances are slightly more complex, or where there are additional factors such as business valuations or pensions, the savings are usually significantly higher.

In Property and Finance Mediation, we can answer questions like:

  • What will happen to the family home? (whether or not to sell, who might live there following divorce etc…)
  • How best to divide your family’s assets and other investments?
  • How to handle future assets such as pensions, inheritances etc.?
  • How do we manage cars and other vehicles?
  • How do we divide other property, like the contents of the family home?
  • How do we determine the right and fair amount of maintenance and/or child support?

For more information about mediation for Property and Finance, and to learn more about how we can save you significant time and money in reaching an agreement (whether you wish to discuss finances on their own, or in conjunction with Children mediation), please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section or telephone the office on 01279 211 657 for a fully confidential, no obligation conversation or to arrange a MIAM.

Alternatively, you can complete the contact form and request a call back.


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