Child Inclusive Mediation

‘You may give them your love, but not your thoughts, for they have their own thoughts’

Extract ‘On Children’
Kahlil Gilbran

The decisions you will make will centre as much as possible around the voices of your children and that which they are saying they want for themselves — as much as is practicable and possible. As part of your conversation together, you can discuss how you would like to bring those voices into the mediation, where appropriate.

Beginning with your initial meetings (MIAMs) we work together to develop a personalised mediation process that will allow your separating family to determine for itself how best to structure the childrens’ arrangements after separation.

We will discuss giving your children the space to speak confidentially with a suitably qualified mediator, to explore what is important to them and what they would like to talk about and about what they would like you to know as their parents, as those making the decisions which will affect them.

“Life in general now has a clearer horizon. Life was becoming a blur and my relationship was in tatters. My nearest and dearest tried as best they could, but no-one could help, or so I thought”

S.M Bishop’s Stortford


“Thank you again for the professional expertise you demonstrated last Friday in helping us to continue to communicate and negotiate – I had thought it unlikely to be possible

L.W. Bishop’s Stortford



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