What is mediation worth

What is mediation worth?

What is mediation worth? How can you quantify the financial and emotional value of a successful mediation for any given family? These are surprisingly difficult questions to answer. For me, they are about as impossible to quantify as: How much money has the Thames Barrier has saved since it became operational in 1982? There is[…]

Understanding mediation outcome documents

Understanding mediation outcome documents

In my daily practice, I spend a fair amount of time helping clients in their understanding of mediation outcome documents. Statements of Outcome, Memorandums of Understanding, Open Financial Statements… Just what are these documents and why are they important for clients – particularly if they are not yet legally binding? As a Family Mediation Council[…]

Bungee jumping and divorce cut from the same cloth

Bungee jumping and divorce: cut from the same cloth?

Bungee jumping and divorce: are these activities cut from the same cloth? Most people enjoy a bit of a thrill every now and again. We find these excitements and thrills in a wide array of places, and we are each free to choose the degree of buzz and excitement we wish to experience dependent upon[…]