Review Snippits:

I desperately wanted to resolve matters without solicitors and courts, largely because I felt it was a more civil, less aggressive approach which would enable us to have a decent relationship in the future”.  S.B Bishops Stortford

Johnathan has an unique way of looking at things – a way of putting your problems into perspective” J.B Takely

There is definitely a sense of complete freedom to be able to speak to someone who is totally separated from your life, an outsider as it were, that you invite in to share with, and who then helps to lead you through the maze”  D.M Bishops Stortford

 “I still don’t know what will happen in my long term future but I now feel that it is a much more equal relationship. I’m not scared of him anymore”. B.N Colchester

“I am now in a new relationship – it is much healthier – no more treading on egg shells. I spent 20 years trying to fulfil someone else’s expectations, now I am who I am.” L.M Hertfordshire

“Life in general now has a clearer horizon. Life was becoming a blur and my relationship was in tatters. My nearest and dearest tried as best they could, but no-one could help, or so I thought” S.M Bishops Stortford

Thank you again for the professional expertise you demonstrated last Friday in helping us to continue to communicate and negotiate – I had thought it unlikely to be possible” L.W. Bishops Stortford

“It’s the most progress we have made in 9 months and my boys are coming around my flat tonight for dinner. I can’t begin to explain how much of an important milestone that is for me. Thanks once again”.  A.J. Sawbridgeworth

Thank you for the fairly heated session today. I don’t envy either of you, but you do a great job. Although I felt very low on the way out today, I can see we got a fair amount achieved and i hope that D and I can look at your suggestions with the view to booking more sessions.  G.K. Chelmsford

Thank you both very much for all your help in reaching a settlement.  You have both been very good at negotiating fairly. C.S Bishops Stortford

“Following the completion of mediation, the access arrangements to my daughter have been working well. We have enjoyed our first holiday together which would not have been possible had it not been for your balanced input.” T.C Bishops Stortford