Divorce & Dissolution

There may be many concerns and worries around how your future finances will look. There may be a myriad of questions, a ‘white wall’ of information to process, and you might not know where to start. It may just seem too difficult to unpack and manage. Your mediator will assist you both in supporting your conversation, whilst guiding you on to how to structure the pathway towards a solution.

Questions Like:


  • What will happen to the family home?
    (whether or not to sell, who might live there following divorce etc…)

  • How best to divide your family’s assets and other investments?

  • How to handle future assets such as pensions?

  • How do we manage cars and other vehicles?

  • How do we divide other property, like the contents of the family home?

  • How do we achieve a clean break between us? Is a clean break achievable and appropriate?

  • How do we determine the right and fair amount of maintenance?

  • What about child support?


“I am now in a new relationship – it is much healthier – no more treading on egg shells. I spent 20 years trying to fulfil someone else’s expectations, now I am who I am.”

L.M Hertfordshire


“I still don’t know what will happen in my long term future but I now feel that it is a much more equal relationship. I’m not scared of him anymore

B.N Colchester



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