Your mediation begins with an individual pre-mediation meeting or MIAM. So, just you and the mediator, for a one to one meeting, lasting around 60 minutes or so.

The Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM) is your opportunity to have a private and confidential meeting with a professional mediator.

You’ll be given plenty of time and space to consider carefully whether mediation is right for you, to think through the next appropriate steps and to discuss any concerns or questions you may have.

There are important reasons why we meet individually to begin with, in this way before commencing any joint mediation meetings.

Specifically, coming in to meet for a pre-mediation MIAM will:


  • Allow you the opportunity to meet personally with a mediator to ensure that you are comfortable with them , and the process

  • Allow you the space to tell the mediator a bit more about the current situation in a confidential conversation

  • Allow you the time to help the mediator understand any concerns you may have about reaching an agreement with your former partner, and understanding what is most important to you to achieve (and avoid)

  • Allow the mediator time to explain the options available to you in reaching an acceptable solution to the current situation.

Following a pre-mediation MIAM with you both, your mediator will then better understand your current situation in its entirety as well as any individual concerns that have been raised by either of you.

“IThank you very much for all your help in reaching a settlement.  You have both been very good at negotiating fairly

C.S Bishop’s Stortford



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